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Carpet, area rug and upholstery cleaning in Seal Beach is considered an integral part of a whole cleaning process of a home. Many homeowners not fully aware about the importance of a proper and regular cleaning these items and the many negative consequences of not keeping them clean from bacteria and germs.

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Regular carpet cleaning will ensure the safety of your family from germs and allergies. It will help make the interior environment fresh and safe to live in. Moreover, upholstery cleaning can also increase the life of your furniture and make them look like brand new for many years. You can choose to do your area rug cleaning by yourself but risk damaging the rug. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to contact and hire professional carpet cleaning in Seal Beach that is reliable.

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When it comes to fabric and upholstered furniture, you need to know that as soon as a spill or stain happens you need to clean it off immediately. From wine stains to ink stains, there will always be a way to clean your beautiful furniture.

The first thing to remember when cleaning fabric is not to rub the stain. The more you rub the stains the harder it is to get rid of. You also need to know that before you use any chemicals to wipe the stain away you must to do a spot test. Not all fabrics are the same and there could be the possibility of corroding the material.

When cleaning the material, be sure that you are using a cloth that has not been dyed. There is a possibility that the colour of the cloth will be released onto your furniture.

S - If you see this letter on your label, it means that you have to clean the fabric with dry solvent solution only. You can't add water to the mixture because the fabric might not react well with a wet solution.

S/W - This code means that you can use water and dry solvent solutions on furniture upholstery fabrics.

X - This letter isn't seen as much anymore but if you ever come across it, it means that you can vacuum the material only. It's best to take your furniture to a professional if you are uncertain what procedure to use when cleaning your furniture.

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Cleaning a carpet or rug is hard because they capture lots of dirt and grime. The cleaning is more difficult because you can't just roll up the carpet and throw it in a washing machine. Moreover, it's important that you take care of your carpet or its lifespan may decrease significantly. To help you with this, we have compiled some simple tips. Read on to know the tips that we have shared.


First of all, you should try your level best to prevent problems from arising in the first place. For instance, if it is an area rug, make sure you and your kids remove their boots prior to stepping on it. Aside from this, food and drinks should also be kept away from the rug area if possible.

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So, these are 4 tips that you can use in order to take care of your rugs and carpets. Lastly, we suggest that you buy only high quality carpets as the low quality ones won't last long. As a result, they will get damaged quickly and will cause you a lot of monetary loss. Replacing carpets is not easy as it will cost you a lot of money. Most types of carpets are expensive. So, make sure you clean them regularly so that they last longer.

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Furniture does not come cheap and to protect your investment the correct upholstery cleaning is necessary to keep looking and wearing well for years. Because of the demands on their time, many busy people do not have time to properly clean their fabric-covered furniture and drapes, so they should consider hiring a professional upholstery cleaning company. For others, who have the time, the following are ways to safely clean their furniture.

First of all, a good, regular vacuuming is necessary. This is the best way to maintain upholstery and will prevent dust, dirt and other debris from working its way deeply into the fiber and will help your upholstery look new over time.

If you use slip covers on your upholstered furniture, remove them before cleaning any spots. You want to avoid any possible damage to the underlying fabric of your sofa or chair.

When spills occur, and they will, use a soft, white cotton cloth to blot them up. Do not rub! This will only make the situation worse. Remove as much of the spill as possible, then treat whatever stain remains.
If all your efforts are not successful, call a professional upholstery cleaning company to help save your furniture.

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